Reclaim Ownership of Your Money

Bitcoin Core

Running Bitcoin, just like in Hal Finney's legendary tweet.

Lightning Network

Use all the Lightning features thanks to your always on device.

Easy to use.

Everyone can run a nodl. Join thousands of Bitcoiners globally.

Privacy focused.

Remove third parties from the equation completely.

nodl one

Plug, Power, Bitcoin

Rockpi4 Board

1To Samsung SSD

Full disk encryption

Physical Killswitch

Built by hand, one at a time

Your dedicated always-on Bitcoin device

Hardware Node Features

common features accross our hardware

Bitcoin Core

Your node, your rules. Bitcoin lets you opt in to a consensus you agree with.

Lightning LND

LND is the most popular implementation of the Lightning Network.

BTCPay Server

Run your business on Bitcoin's opensource payment processor of reference.

Samourai Dojo

The backend to our favorite Bitcoin wallet.

Samourai Whirlpool

Coinjoin mixing at its finest. Protect your privacy, your future self thanks you.

Lightning Loop

The easiest way to manage liquidity on the lightning network.

Ride the Lightning

RTL is a web interface to help you manage your lightning node operations.

Full TOR support

nodl was the first ever node implementation to offer full tor support in 2018.

Electrum Rust Server

Protect your privacy when using your hardware wallet of choice.

BTC RPC Explorer

Your own block explorer. Check your transactions, no one else is watching.

Open Source

nodl's source code is provided under MIT License

nodl dojo

The Ultimate Privacy Setup

Two 1 TB SSDs configured in RAID

Full disk encryption

Run Dojo

Mix your coins

Red is faster !

nodl is Samourai Wallet's hardware partner of choice

nodl Cloud

When High Availability and Redundancy are Key

Run a bitcoin and lightning node without the handling

nodl cloud runs on nodl hardware and infrastructure

Businesses require uptime & physical access you might not have

nodl cloud offers geographical redundancy (Paris & Geneva)

The same UI you have come to expect from nodl hardware

we also offer custom setups for large businesses

nodl cloud pricing

monthly or yearly plans

nodl cloud monthly

$49 / mo

Pay monthly

The classic nodl experience

Access your nodl from anywhere

nodl cloud yearly

$490 / year

Save 17% with a yearly subscription

The classic nodl experience

Access your nodl from anywhere

nodl + dojo monthly

$54 / mo

Pay monthly

Includes Specialized Samourai Support

Access your nodl from anywhere

nodl cloud + dojo yearly

$550 / year

Save 15% with a yearly subscription

Includes Specialized Samourai Support

Access your nodl from anywhere

nodl Rack

Tailored Made. Enterprise Grade.

nodl builds custom infrastructure to fit your exact needs. Rack based modules of all sizes and fits can be deployed in your own data centers or hosted by our industry-leading partners across different geographical locations. Please contact us directly for more information.

Redefining your privacy & security setup

Run a nodl