Why we do pre-orders

Building hardware requires investments. During the last 12 months, we spent at least 1 BTC for different boards, boxes, SSDs, HDDs, eMMCs, SDs, wires, all that from our own money.

Now that the nodl is close to release, we need to buy all the parts and pieces to build the first batch of 21 units. This is why we decided to open the pre-orders today.

Some important informations:

The price is the BTC equivalent of USD399 It includes shipping to EU. For other countries you will be contacted to arrange details of shipping and additionnal fees Deliveries will not start sooner than the end of November 2018 (it takes time to get the components from China to EU, then assemble them) The first batch will be numbered from 1 to 21, some numbers are already gone As soon as you make the payment (link on the main website) please contact us with a list of numbers by order of preference

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