nodl Dojo

Red is Faster

Product Features

The nodl Dojo is in a class of its own.

Built in collaboration with the awesome team behind Samourai Wallet, the nodl Dojo brings together the best hardware you can find with bleeding edge technology, and sets the standard for privacy-minded individuals. The nodl Dojo lets you pair your Samourai Wallet to your DOJO-running nodl and comes with premium support.

Fully Encrypted Disks

Encrypted. Disks. 'nuf said

Raid Mirroring

Your node is precious. Its data too. The nodl Dojo edition is the first bitcoin full node that brings you dual SSDs in RAID configuration for backups & storage.

Premium Support

Get access to premium support from both the Samourai and nodl teams when you purchase a nodl Dojo.

Ditch 3rd Parties

Host your own DOJO server on the nodl ensuring that your Samourai Wallet relies exclusively on hardware you own and manage.

Red is Faster

The original nodl was the fastest commercially available node to sync bitcoin from scratch. But guess what... Red is faster. We've tested.

Mix 'em Coins

Whirlpool, the fastest and easiest way to run Coinjoins is accessible right from the nodl. Make every spend a coinjoin.