nodl one

Personal Bitcoin Assistant

Product Features

Full Bitcoin Node

No pre-loading of the blockchain by design. We want you to experience Bitcoin in all of its glory. Your device, your Bitcoin. nodl ships clean so you don’t have to trust anyone.

Magic Internet Hardware

1-click everything or full command line.
nodl's user interface lets you one-click install all of your apps. But for power users, bitcoin-cli and lncli are just an ssh away.

Lightning Node

# Reckless 
Connect your favorite wallet and experiment instant payments! There are nodls with over 1% network capacity running out there :)

Full Tor

Privacy is a Right! nodl comes with full Tor implementation and several additional privacy-enhancing features.

Get paid in Bitcoin

Full integration of BTCPay Server.
Self-host your store on the nodl and become a Sovereign Business.

nodl never sleeps...
... so that you can

nodl: your dedicated, always-on node.

Open Source

When you run nodl, you have access to its code. All of it.
And because we believe in open source
software, the codebase will be available on our self-hosted gitlab when we reach v0.1.0


Your nodl, your setup.
We want to give everyone the ability to chose their favorite setup. nodl it a tool set, you are the painter.

and so much more to come...

Try to find a node that adds as many features and as fast as nodl....
we’re betting you won’t :)